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Today’s incredible deal is $10 for a $20 voucher at any Whole Foods!  That is like walking into Whole Foods with a 50% off coupon for your purchase!!!!!!!!!  Run now to get yours!!!!

Click here to get this smoking deal!

To help you save even more…here is the link to the Whole Foods coupons:



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Have a cat?

September 12, 2011

Go now for your free sample of Purina One Smartblend!  

Click here to grab your free sample….and if you don’t have a cat, consider donating your free sample to a local animal shelter.  Being from the Austin, Texas area…I know with all the fires the animal shelters can use all the donations they can get as they take care of the animals that have been lost from their owners due to the fires.

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As a very busy mom of 2 little guys, planning weekly meals is something I do….but don’t really enjoy!  I find we end up eating the same thing…over and over and over because my brain is too tired/busy/jumbled to take the time to plan out fun, inventive meals.  I have found something that is going to put some fun back into our meals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Meals by the Week has come to my rescue!!!!  Meals by the Week has taken all the hassle of sifting through the grocery store ads to try to figure out what one can make that week with the things that are on sale at the local grocery store.  With your subscription you get: access to seven dinner selections with recipes and a shopping list each week. Recipes can be scaled to the number of people you choose, anywhere from 2 to 8 people. You will also get a printable grocery list customized to your dinner selections. These recipes are created using the store ads.  You choose the store you shop….they do the rest of the work!!!!!!   On their website there are even links to printable coupons to save you even more money!!!!   For a whopping $7 you can give this great site a whirl for 13 weeks!!!  If you are a new member….it only cost you $4!   That is a deal you can’t pass up!!!!   Click here to grab this deal…..and sit back and enjoy letting someone else plan your menus!!!!!

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Everyone these days is looking for that one special present that will be a winner and not just get a smile, nod and polite thank you in return.  Buying gifts for weddings, baby shower, birthdays or even Christmas can be tough.  Honeybaby dvds offers a great solution. 

Combine your family’s photos and home videos into the ultimate one-of-a-kind movie keepsake.If you’re like most parents, your cameras have become an extra appendage and you’ve no doubt accumulated thousands of photos and video clips over the years of your children. Why not put those pieces together and tell a story that can be shared with family and friends for years to come. HoneybabyDVDs combines your photos and home videos into an unforgettable one-of-a-kind movie, starring your baby! This product is perfect for telling your personal stories of birth, pregnancy, special events, first holidays and more. Send them your photos and they take care the rest, including pan and zoom effect, transitions, photo touch ups, opening titles and more.

Family Finds is offering a great special!  For $75 you can get a customized DVD slideshow ($150 value!!) from HoneyBaby Dvds. Buy this today for that someone special…mom, grandmother, sister, brother, uncle….that has been hoarding their pictures but would love to see them in a slideshow.   Click here to get started……and stop wondering what you are going to get that hard to buy person!!!!


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So I received an email today from BzzAgent detailing the rules of how to get chosen to be a BzzAgent for the upcoming Kindle Campaign. My heart jumped and I thought….Oh how I would LOVE to get this campaign!!!! My husband and I are very avid readers. We feel that reading every single day, no matter how much, is a vital part of keeping your brain young! A few years ago I did purchase my husband a Kindle for his birthday and much to my chagrin…I used it much more than he did. He stated that he enjoyed using the Kindle but really enjoyed the feel of the books. So the Kindle I bought for my husband slowly became filled with books and games that I was reading or playing. As a mom of 2 young boys I knew the importance of keeping this jewel hidden. Well my very illustrious hiding place I have to admit was in my master bedroom bathroom…sometimes the only place I could go hide for a moment or two of peace and maybe a game of Jumble!!!! As it happens…little boys start growing up and becoming more curious. My youngest at the time was 2….and very interested in any type of water play. Any type of water….any place….any time! So you can imagine my horror when I happened upon him in my bathroom with my stack of magazines and my Kindle…..topped with an entire roll of toilet paper that had been soaked in water from the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!! I could hardly contain myself! After wiping a tear from my face….grabbed my dear Kindle and ran to the kitchen to try to rescue it by placing it in a bag of rice. Needless to say…after several days of praying, petting and softly talking to my Kindle…I came to the realization that it had gone to Kindle heaven. I was devastated. So here is my plea to BzzAgent to PLEASE choose me for the Kindle campaign so I can once again rekindle my Kindle relationship and get back to that very happy place that Kindle would allow me to go!!!!! In return I will sing its name at the top of my lungs to all my friends, family and followers!!!!!!


The Kindle 3 is ingeniously designed to be everything the iPad will never be: small, light and inexpensive… Now, the Kindle is almost ridiculously lightweight; at 8.5 ounces, it’s a third the weight of the iPad.

And with a wi-fi connection you’re just seconds away from close to a million books. It’s like having access to an entire library from the comforts of your couch. So what book are you going to read?



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Need help organizing your home office?  Want to get organized for back to school?  Do you just LOVE (like me!) Post-it products and want a few free extra samples to have around????

Go here to grab your free samples!


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Go here to grab this great bargain!!!!

Did that just happen? Some moments in life need an instant replay button. With the Kodak Mini Video Camera you’ve got one with you wherever you go. This itty-bitty video camera easily slides into a pocket–even your skinny jeans. With one touch, the Kodak Mini captures all the highlights, and the pop-out USB arm makes it seriously simple to share the fun on Facebook and YouTube sites.

Kodak Mini Video Camera highlights

Plus, it’s built to withstand your craziest days–from a fumble in the rain, to a trip to the bottom of your bag. The Mini is ready when you are–so the next time you hear, “Did that just happen?” you can show the instant replay. The real Kodak Moment happens when you share.

Kodak Mini Highlights

Itty-bitty size. Big video fun.

  • The size of a credit card, this ultra-thin, lightweight video camera can go anywhere
  • Take it where life takes you so you can capture all the fun
  • The Mini’s sleek design lets you slip it into any pocket or purse

Capture your craziest days with no worries

Go here to grab this great bargain!!!!

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Target has a new sample available…..Huggies Snug and Dry.  

Click here to grab your free sample!!


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Downy’s new Unstoppable Fabric Softner sample…right now…go to Facebook and like them and get one of the 500,000 free samples they are giving away!!!!

Click here to grab your free sample now!!!!

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Stock up on comfy and stylish footwear with this amazing discount on Crocs’ wide variety of styles! Come summer, it’s time to break out the casual, comfy and stylish shoes. Enter Crocs. Sure, the ubiquitous plastic clogs are great for kids, but the Crocs line also includes sleek slingbacks and fancy flipflops for Mom, plus sandals and sneakers for Dad. All the styles share unmistakable durability and comfort. Now you can grab this voucher for $1 and get an exclusive 25% discount at! And this deal will lower the free shipping minimum to a $49 purchase instead of the normal $69. Outfit the family with footwear that’ll last all summer and next summer, too!
Click here to grab that 25% off code!

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Family Finds has a great deal today for 50% off a $30 purchase!   So for $15 you can find  adorable attire or decor for your little one or a great gift for that special little sports fan in your life! 

Click here to grab this great bargain!

From the website:  Babies & Kids must show off their favorite team – and we have some adorable gifts perfect for them! Everything from baby onesies, blankets, booties, caps, nap mats, strollers, crib bedding & more! We hope you have fun decking out your little one if your favorite team’s colors!

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Visit the Arby’s® Web Site and sign up for Arby’s® Extras newsletter by filling out a short form. You will receive an e-mail with this free Roast Beef Sandwich offer within 24 hours. Then bring this voucher to your local Arby’s® to redeem your free sandwich.

Click here to sign up for your free Arby’s sandwich!!

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