As a BzzAgent I recently had the opportunity to give Kroger’s new chocolate chip cookies a try….ABSOLUTELY love them!!!!!!  We received the package yesterday and it contained 2 boxes of cookies for us to try and 5 $1 off coupons to share!   As soon as my little men saw what was inside….they couldn’t wait to give them a try!!!!  I tortured them (I am such a mean mom!!!) by making them wait until after dinner to give them a try.  As soon as dinner was over we ripped into the box to give them a try.  The concensus at our house is that they are great!  They were a nice size, had a great texture and the first ingredient on the ingredient list is chocolate chips…who wouldn’t love that!!!  Even my husband (we did a blind taste test on him!), who doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, really liked them and thought they were from a well known high end cookie company!   Even though there are only 8 cookies in a package, the cookies themself are a nice size and most likely one will satisfy your sweet tooth.  We definitely will be investing in another box of these cookies and if they make it home, we will give the suggestions on the back – warm them in the microwave or dip them in chocolate – a try!!!  If you have a Kroger’s near you….give them a try!!!  #imabzzagent

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